Parental Controls: How to Block Websites on the iPhone and iPad

An iPhone gives your child the ability to stay in touch with friends and family, stay entertained on the go, and access countless educational resources. But it also has the potential to expose youngsters to content that parents would rather they avoid. Thankfully, Apple includes a number of parental control options that allow parents to restrict adult or otherwise inappropriate content from their children. Here’s a look at how to block websites on the iPhone and iPad.

The Complete Xbox Games with Gold List and Details

Updated for May 2018. Microsoft’s Games with Gold program launched last year, but with two more games coming out each month, it’s getting difficult to keep track of which games are free and when. Due to reader interest, we’ve compiled an archive of the games to date, and we’ll update the list each month as more games are announced.

How to Stream Audio From Windows to HomePod

Apple’s new HomePod has earned high marks for audio quality, but it works only via AirPlay. This is no problem for those with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but what about Windows users? Is there any way to stream audio from Windows to HomePod? Indeed there is! Here’s how to do it.

Lost iPhone? How to Ping Your iPhone With Your Apple Watch

Apple’s Find My iPhone app is great when you have no idea where your iPhone is. But if you know that your iPhone is somewhere in your house, and you have an Apple Watch on your wrist, here’s how to quickly send an audible ping to your iPhone, helping you find it before you resort to tossing couch cushions.

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